Experiences of My Own: Episode 2

Video — Experiences of My Own; Episode 2: Gen1 Gen2 Etc

“Presenting a multitude of skilled individuals, this episode showcases people who fall into what is loosely considered the first and second generations of parkour athletes in the southeastern U.S., primarily those based in Georgia.”


Afghanistan Parkour

Organizations — Afghanistan Parkour

“WFPF have been in support of the Afghan Parkour Society for quite some time now. Even sending letters to senior officials in Afghanistan to support funding and space for the Parkour youth in the country It is nothing short of incredible to see the growth and development of this wonderful younger generation seeking Peace through Parkour.”


How I Used MovNat To Win The Gold Medal At The Paraclimbing World Championships

Article — How I Used MovNat To Win The Gold Medal At The Paraclimbing World Championships

“Imagine you travel across the ocean and are competing at the world’s biggest stage with the goal to stand at the top of the podium; something you have been dreaming about for the last two years, and a challenge where one slip of your foot or hand at the start can end your competition as a climber. For me, as an athlete, training is more than just physical conditioning and preparation.”


Shape-Shifting Mitochondria Direct Stem Cells’ Fate

Biology — Shape-shifting mitochondria direct stem cells’ fate

“Mitochondria are familiar as bean-shaped structures floating in the cytoplasm, and they are almost inevitably referred to as “powerhouses” of the cell because they generate adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the fuel for most metabolic processes. For more than a century, biologists believed that energy production was their only role. But that simple picture of mitochondria is turning out to be shockingly incomplete.”


This is a very interesting glimpse into some cutting-edge research. Hint: Creating ATP seems to be just one role. – ɕ

USPK Connects with International Leaders

Governance — USPK Connects with International Leaders

“USPK Transition Board Chairwoman Caitlin Pontrella travelled to overseas to meet with leaders from around the world. On the table for discussion was the current status of parkour internationally, what the future holds for both competitive parkour and parkour businesses, and the top priority being what we can do together to protect our rights and freedoms as a global community.”


The Ecology of Self Transformation with Simon Thakur

Podcast — Evolve, Move, Play episode 22

“Humans are complex and so is the world through which we navigate. Often times the things we don’t pay attention to have an astounding influence on our ability to accomplish our goals and grow as individuals. Subtleties in how we breathe, how we stand, how we move, how we think, how we perceive ourselves, others, or our environment, all coalesce to either help or hinder our efforts in sport and in life.”


European Art of Retreat 2019 Part 1

Article — European Art of Retreat 2019 Part 1

“A meeting of minds, ideas, topics of debate and a variety of personalities, the Art of Retreat has run for five years in the US, but this year they wanted to bring it across the pond and connect with a whole new network of Parkour leaders and practitioners from around the world. On Friday 26th April 2019, 75 members of the international Parkour community made their way across Scotland to a small island between the west coast and the Isle of Arran. As we all gradually arrived at the Millport Field Centre on the Isle of Cumbrae, people gradually started to get settled in and make their introductions.”


A thorough, personal experience of Art of Retreat Europe by Jess Lishman. – ɕ

Murikamification Mixes Contemporary Dance With Parkour

Article — Murikamification Mixes Contemporary Dance With Parkour

““Sneaky dance” is what Pamela Komar, Director of Theater, Music, and Youth Programming for the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, calls the type of public space works Netherlands-based performance troupe Arch 8 does. A blend of contemporary dance and parkour (also known as freerunning), it’s dance but more. Komar hopes Arch 8’s production of Murikamification (recommended for ages 7+), that closes the 2018-2019 EQT Bridge Theater Series, May 16-19 as part of the 33rd annual EQT Children’s Theater Festival, will have audiences seeing dance differently.”


…and in Pittsburg, PA, another example of Parkour creaping into things. Are we reaching a tipping point? What say you? – ɕ

Girls Enter the Boys’ World of Flipping

Article — Girls Enter the Boys’ World of Flipping

““More and more people are getting to know what the sport of parkour is about,” says Seneca Schwartz, a 15-year-old from Westchester County, N.Y., who does parkour. Last year, for an eighth grade project, she made a short film called “Like a Girl,” about females who do parkour, featuring 30 girls from around the world. Many of those girls, including Sophie, also do Gtramp.”


This starts off… well, I was thinking, “here we go again…” But I think it’s better than you may expect. – ɕ