Adjust Your Swimming Alignment

Swimming — Adjust Your Swimming Alignment

“Summertime swimming can mean a lot of head-up swimming, so check out this video with a head-ramping-while-in-the-water exercise to see if it gives you more time in the water getting your joy on! Bonus move: If one of your hips tends to rest more flexed than the other, you’ll enjoy the second move as well.”

An interesting over-view of some on-land exercises for improving your comfort in simply-in-the-water swimming. I grew up in my grandparents pool every weekend and my dad was an accomplished swimmer, so I’ve always thought of swimming as, “there’s a right way to do it.” But this article rightly makes it clear that people can [and do, and should!] just spend time in the water—swimming in the simple sense, not in the get from a-to-b sense. – ɕ