Revisit the causality of obesity

Medical — Revisit the causality of obesity

“when someone tells me so-and-so is obese because he eats more than he expends, I say, “of course he does…you’re just re-stating the First Law [of Thermodynamics].” What I want to know is, WHY did he eat more calories than he burned? If we don’t understand this point, how can we treat this condition?”

Dr. P Attia is one of a short list of people who I refer to frequently. This short article is the most concise thing I’ve ever seen about the “calories in / calories out” debate. It explains plainly why it’s NOT AT ALL interesting to point out that I am fat because I’ve ingested more calories than I’ve expended. Why is the energy balance that way? ‘Why,’ is the real question. – ɕ