The Beginner’s Guide to Parkour

Article — The beginner’s guide to parkour I’m not even going to pull-quote. It’s exactly the article you think it is: Written from the write place (open heart, wanting to help people, etc) and… well, you know what I’d really like to see? You go interact with NF to make the article better… send […]

Adjust Your Swimming Alignment

Swimming — Adjust Your Swimming Alignment “Summertime swimming can mean a lot of head-up swimming, so check out this video with a head-ramping-while-in-the-water exercise to see if it gives you more time in the water getting your joy on! Bonus move: If one of your hips tends to rest more flexed than the other, you’ll […]

The best insoles for preventing running related injury

Article — The best insoles for preventing running related injury “What are the best insoles for running injury prevention?” I’ve pretty much to say about feet. ( ) Shoes and insoles are simply tools, and I’ve become very aware of what tools I select. Generally, I wear the same shoe (walking, running distances […]

Article — The antifragile ankle

Article — The antifragile ankle “I will break down the functions of the ankle and present you with a series of progressions to develop your pain free range of motion, strength and motor control, and dynamic loading capacities. You will also learn about the delicate balance between mobility and tension in the ankle joint and […]

Weena Pauly-Tarr: Therapy, motherhood, and impulse

Podcast – Weena Pauly-Tarr: Therapy, motherhood, and impulse Weena Pauly-Tarr shares her history of dance, her brief encounter with parkour, and how those experiences have led to where she is now. She unpacks her work with somatic therapy, and the profound changes motherhood has brought to her life and practice. Weena reflects on her current […]

Exploring Technical Development in Parkour with Ryan Ford

Podcast — Exploring Technical Development in Parkour with Ryan Ford “Today we are stepping away from the philosophical content and diving into the nuts and bolts of technical development for parkour and movement practitioners. If you’re interested in learning how to take your skill, strength, speed, and subsequent training practices to the next level, our […]

Skochy interview with Chris Grant

Interview — Skochy interview with Chri Grant “Before parkour I had no athletic background and it’s fair to say health, training, travelling and meeting new people wasn’t on my priority list. I studied Music, Arts & Media Informatics at university and was a cocktail bartender and musician. Parkour was really the first time I had […]

Strength training and muscle gain

In-depth — The theory of super-compensation: Strength training and muscle gain “Paradoxically, those people experience major strength gains, both men and women, especially in the first few months after they start a strength training program. However, those gains are due primarily to neural adaptations, and come without any significant gain in muscle mass. This can […]