Wenxin Yang – Bridging The Gap

Articles — Wenxin Yang – Bridging The Gap
“For those that don’t know me, I had a serious parkour-related accident five years ago where I broke both of my feet, was stuck in a wheelchair for three months, and was unable to push my training in any meaningful way for three years after. You know how when you break a bone, there are just a few pieces to mend together? The structure within my feet literally exploded into pieces. It was bad and I seriously questioned whether I’d be able to train again (my doctors definitely didn’t think I should), and if so, to what degree. While I was still in my wheelchair, I resolved to “keep training”, and make the most out of my situation. During that time, I wrote down some of my thoughts for an American Parkour blog post (link) and continued on my path to recovery.”

YouTuber who climbed Thorpe Park rollercoaster sentenced

Article — YouTuber who climbed Thorpe Park rollercoaster sentenced
“A YouTuber known for his parkour stunts and free solo climbing has been condemned in court for his “reckless behaviour” as he was handed a five year Criminal Behaviour order. 21 year old Alastair “Ally” Law of Southampton was found by police on top of the Stealth rollercoaster ride at Thorpe Park in 2017. The urban explorer was also sentenced for aggravated trespassing after he went on to the Big Brother set in Hertfordshire. Yesterday’s sentencing comes after Surrey Police were called to Thorpe Park on July 26 2017 to reports that a man with a camera was standing on top of the 205ft Stealth rollercoaster.”

HURDLE Gets World Premiere At Dallas International Film Festival

Article — HURDLE Gets World Premiere At Dallas International Film Festival
“In the shadow of a wall stands a new generation of Palestinian. With defiant creativity they prove that no matter the height of the obstacle, one can always climb. From Dallas filmmaker Michael Rowley comes the World Premiere of his feature documentary directorial debut HURDLE at the Dallas International Film Festival (DIFF) taking place April 11-18. Screening date for Hurdle at DIFF coming soon.”

Daredevil sport catches fancy of Hyderabadis

Article — Daredevil sport catches fancy of Hyderabadis
“Yasaswy Modukuru, 28, a psychologist, who gives personal Parkour training , says, “Everyone knows what Parkour is now and this is to do with the viral sensation it created among the people. A decade ago it was not normal for people to jump from buildings. I have been practising Parkour since 10 years and there are also, you have no particular target, it is something you keep getting better at.” Developed in France by Raymond Belle and his son David and the latter’s group of friends (Yamakasi) in the late 1980s, the training practice was popularized through films, documentaries and advertisements.”

Parkour is Coming to Alexandria

Article — Parkour is Coming to Alexandria
“John Ewald Park, located on the corner of Duke and S. Jordan Street in Alexandria, has seen better days. While its basketball court and soccer field get plenty of use by local residents, the empty lot where two tennis courts once stood has been abandoned for almost two decades. That is all about to change. A year ago, T.C. Williams senior Jonas Neihardt presented the City Council with a plan to create a parkour park. Parkour is a physical and mental discipline that involves traversing and adapting to obstacles in the environment using a variety of movements such as running, climbing, vaulting, jumping, swinging and even flipping. One benefit of a park designed for Parkour is that it can be used by athletes of all ages and skill levels.”

Your MTHFR is just a riboflavin deficiency

Articles — Your “MTHFR” Is Just a Riboflavin Deficiency
“One of the fascinating things we stumbled on is the possibility that the famous MTHFR polymorphisms — variations in the gene that uses riboflavin to make the methyl group of methylfolate — only decrease MTHFR activity because most people in whom the activity has been measured have mediocre riboflavin status.”

Extraordinary Movement

Article — Extraordinary Movement
“When we move through the world we can move in an ordinary or an extraordinary way. Ordinary movement is easy; it follows established paths; and it is boring. Extraordinary movement requires excellence, knowledge, and independence. When I talk about movement, I am talking about extraordinary movement because it is much more interesting. Movement—whether that is Parkour, ADD, Freerunning—is a celebration of freedom in the context of an unforgiving reality that cannot be ignored.”