Podcast with Dr Paul Conti

Podcast — Dr Peter Attia and Dr Paul Conti
Peter Attia’s podcasts are enormously long, but often well-worth _multiple_ listens. This one started slowly, but in the second hour (yes) they really dig into the idea of “community”—what it means, what it gives us, why we need it, and so on: “Psychiatrist Paul Conti, M.D. discusses the impact of untreated trauma, the rising rate of suicide, and the influence of modern society on mental health, to name a few important topics covered. Paul also talks about how to deal with these challenges for yourself, your loved ones, and the community at large.”

Youth Parkour: Pushing towards meaningful youth participation

Article — Fideline Mboringong, Youth Parkour: Pushing Towards Meaningful Youth Participation
“Young people are currently driving change at different levels by leading movements, promoting grassroot engagements, lobbying for policy change and getting seats at the table. These show that young people are a force to reckon with when they effectively participate.”

The relationship between Parkour gyms and American Ninja Warrior

Article — From 2016, Charles Moreland’s “The Relationship between Parkour Gyms and American Ninja Warrior (also, Why I Hate ANW)”
Still relavent, “The worst hit victims of this fake-sport are kids – the ones who do not, or cannot, process the separation behind what constitutes a sport like football and a reality tv show with fabricated drama, like ANW.”

A preamble: Why more manifestos?

Article — Marcello Palozzo, from “A Preamble: Why More Manifestos?”
“All people act but only a few do it following personal Cartas or codes. Mostly, things happen in a flowing continuum where possibilities are evaluated and picked in order to get the best outcomes out of a situation. The problem with this process? On spot, logical decisions are strongly influenced by sensations and instincts. Needless to say, this tornado of emotion can produce poor immediate strategies.”

The embodied researcher

Research — The Embodied Researcher in Sport
CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: “The notion of embodied research as a ‘frame of mind’ or orientation to the research process prompts us to confront aspects of reflection, reflexivity and the impact of our own bodies on our thinking, actions and writing.”