Podcast – Jean Lam: Corrective exercise, programming, and rehab

Podcast – Jean Lam: Corrective exercise, programming, and rehab

Jean Lam reflects on how she became interested in fitness and eventually joined the industry, her love of movement, and what sports and activities she is involved in now. Jean discusses corrective exercise, and shares her insights on programming, motivation, and scope of practice. She goes into injury and rehab, before explaining how she keeps up with coaching best practices.


We are recruiting an Independent Chair and up to two additional Independent Directors

News — [Parkour Earth is] recruiting an Independent Chair and up to two additional Independent Directors

“Therefore we wish to recruit Independent Chair and up to two additional Independent Director on an initial 4-year-term and are now inviting applications. Our Independent Directors are appointed by the Board Nominations Committee (Independent Chair, Independent Director, Elected Director & CEO) based on who meets the skills and experience we are seeking. As a result, in order to apply for this role, you must be able to demonstrate that you have no association with an organisation in membership of Parkour Earth at the time of your application. With our governance structure, we need individuals who can help develop and maintain Parkour Earth’s strategic focus and direct the changing organisation towards its future. You would need to be able to make a commitment to Parkour Earth and devote the necessary time, have strategic vision, independent judgement, an ability to think creatively and a willingness to speak your mind.”


Peripheral Neuropathy

Science – Peripheral Neuropathy

“There are many types of peripheral neuropathy, each with a different cause. Treatment for this condition depends on finding what has damaged the nerves. Unfortunately, the cause sometimes remains unknown. Also, even when doctors do discover the cause, the treatment may not reduce all symptoms.”


Up for a _really_ deep dive on peripheral neuropathy? Yes, Please! – ɕ

Podcast – Frank Mejia: World Chase Tag, coaching, and competition

Podcast – Frank Mejia: World Chase Tag, coaching, and competition

Frank Mejia discusses PK Move and Urban Evolution, and the path to how and why he became a coach. He reflects on his experience with World Chase Tag, explaining the game and its intricacies. Frank shares his thoughts on travel and the role it’s played in his journey, before wrapping up with his thoughts on competition.


A grown-up version of tag is coming to London

Articles — A grown-up version of tag is coming to London

“World Tag Chase is a game that’s a mix of parkour and it (or tag, or tig, depending on where you grew up), played on a specially designed course that makes you duck, jump and dodge to avoid being caught. The game has achieved YouTube fame, with over 35 million views, but until now the competition has only been open to professional athletes – Londoners will be among the first to be able to try out the competition with friends.”


Parkour picks up as a fitness discipline in Chennai

Article — Parkour picks up as a fitness discipline in Chennai

“If you are looking to get a taste of an adrenaline pumping, nerve-racking, adventure sport experience, allow me to burst your bubble. Parkour is an acquired fitness sport/ martial art/ discipline; and is all about patience. Read on, but not with the belief of springing over a three-storey building with impeccable style; body still in one piece.”


Here’s a two-fer’ from India this week. I don’t want to jinx it, but it feels like India’s news outlets (granted these two are from the same) have an idea of what it really is? …or is it just a single journalist with the right idea? – ɕ

Parkour in Hyderabad

Article – Parkour in Hyderabad

“Someone is running quickly and sure-footedly through the streets. Their facial expression spells purpose but there’s something liberated about the way they’re carrying themselves. As they make sharp turns without slowing down or pausing, their balance is bizarrely in place. One may assume they’re fleeing from the police. But suddenly, they vault off a wall and noiselessly leap over a fence, never to be seen again. Ah, yes; the art of parkour which is slowly gaining mass appreciation in the city.”


Podcast – Rosy Noguchi: Coaching, gender, and travel

Podcast – Rosy Noguchi: Coaching, gender, and travel

Rosy Noguchi discusses her involvement in PK Move, coaching, and why she is passionate about what they are doing. She shares her thoughts on the DC Women’s community, and why it’s been successfully running for 6+ years. Rosy reflects on the benefits of traveling for parkour, and closes out with her experiences with gender and intergenerational training in parkour.


Revisit the causality of obesity

Medical — Revisit the causality of obesity

“when someone tells me so-and-so is obese because he eats more than he expends, I say, “of course he does…you’re just re-stating the First Law [of Thermodynamics].” What I want to know is, WHY did he eat more calories than he burned? If we don’t understand this point, how can we treat this condition?”


Dr. P Attia is one of a short list of people who I refer to frequently. This short article is the most concise thing I’ve ever seen about the “calories in / calories out” debate. It explains plainly why it’s NOT AT ALL interesting to point out that I am fat because I’ve ingested more calories than I’ve expended. Why is the energy balance that way? ‘Why,’ is the real question. – ɕ