Why I train

Article — Why I train: dogs, squirrels and walls

“Why do I train? Sometimes the answer isn’t obvious and then on other days I’m grateful for all the trining that I have done.
Squirrels and the thrill of the chase are like crack cocaine to my dog Pax. Their fast twitch muscles are not only enchanting to the human eye, they have the power to make every bit of dog training I’ve done seem irrelevant.”


Creating stronger communities with play and parkour

Podcast — Creating stronger communities with play and parkour

“This week on the Evolve Move Play Podcast we are very excited to have Caitlin Pontrella with us to discuss the importance of play in facilitating learning, developing physical, social & emotional capabilities, and building strong, inclusive communities.”


Adam McClellan: Business, coaching, and outreach

Podcast — Adam McClellan: Business, coaching, and outreach

35 episodes and 2 years later, Adam McClellan returns to Movers Mindset. Adam deserves a large measure of credit because he was willing to be the original guinea pig for this crazy experiment. Our first interview was a simple Q&A style but in this episode we have an in depth conversation about the cycles a community goes through, the nature of parkour, and the type of people who are drawn to it. Adam explores the intersection of parkour and business, and how the two coexist, before discussing the nuances of coaching children. He opens up about his knee injury and recovery, his thoughts on normalizing parkour to the public, and different ways to design a parkour gym.


Exploring the Outer Limits of Parkour with Callum Powell

Podcast — Exploring the Outer Limits of Parkour with Callum Powell: EMP Podcast 19

“Parkour is a sport that, in many ways, is still in it’s infancy. The practice only began gaining traction in the late 90’s & early 00’s yet, in the short time since, we have seen an incredible surge of young athletes performing feats that previously had only been seen in elite gymnastics competitions. Many of these athletes have gleaned their knowledge and skills only by watching internet videos and devoting their free time to practicing with friends at their local spots.”


Edinburgh parkour video helps first youth tourism push reach 5m

Articles — Edinburgh parkour video helps first youth tourism push reach 5m

“#UncoverEdinburgh, which received a £40,000 Growth Fund award from VisitScotland, had a total reach of 4.9 million across various social channels. The push, led by Youth Travel Edinburgh and supported by the Edinburgh Tourism Action Group and Marketing Edinburgh, encouraged visitors aged 18-26 from key European markets to come to Scotland’s capital on a year-round basis by pairing an Edinburgh influencer with another with similar special interests from cities like Barcelona, Paris and Amsterdam.”


Movement Camp 2019: A Review

Article — Movement Camp 2019: A Review

“Imagine a movement-educational network where things work.
A growing web of sustainable communities from all over the globe created by thousands of students that orbit and grow around a pulsating inner core of teachers that lead by unstained example, deep study, and hard work.”


A deep-dive in Marcello’s classic style, mixed with some fun travel observations! – ɕ

Nancy Lorentz: Cancer, PK Move, and parkour spirit

Podcast — Nancy Lorentz: Cancer, PK Move, and parkour spirit

Nancy Lorentz opens up about her experience fighting cancer, and the role that parkour played in her recovery. She unpacks how her recovery inspired
the idea of PK Move, and shares her ‘parkour origin story.’ Nancy discusses her thoughts on parkour’s growth and spirit, PK Move’s current goals, and finishes with her insights on how to attract older individuals to parkour.


Grow your own movement

Article — Grow your own movement

“I want to begin this article, which is about getting exercise in the garden, by stressing that the idea of getting fit in the garden needs to take a back seat to the ideas fashioned and championed by Ron Finley, of the Ron Finley Project, who says, “Growing your own food is like printing your own money.” His work specifically addresses those whose socioeconomic environment is a barrier to basic nutrition, fresh, nourishing food, as well as spaces in which to and knowledge of how to produce it autonomously.”


Facing Failure and Finding Freedom with Amos Rendao

Podcast — Facing Failure and Finding Freedom with Amos Rendao

“For most people, the prospect of failure is highly intimidating. It’s uncomfortable and usually comes with some sort of consequence that can drastically alter our lives or the way we view ourselves. Commonly the approach is to try and avoid failure altogether and stick to things that are comfortable and as non-threatening as possible. The problem with this ends up being that life is uncontrollable, and so long as we are people who are striving for things, the chance of failure is always looming.”


Space tourism is going to be great for our health — but there’s a small catch

Article — Space tourism is going to be great for our health — but there’s a small catch

“Houston, we have a problem. It’s about ageing. In less than one week we’ve had London’s premier visitor attraction, Tate Modern, announcing that its forthcoming “anti-ageing” festival will include a chance for pensioners to enjoy the high-risk art of parkour, while, across the Pond, Nasa scientists have gone gaga about the possibility that ageing can be slowed by the simple process of spending lengthy periods of time in outer space.”